About Us

IMG_2401C1Films was started to with a unique eye for our outdoor surroundings.  We strive to deliver a true authentic experience in the films and images we produce.  We try to focus on the macro elements of our passion and translate that onto our films and pictures.  We have the outdoors engrained in our life.  We spend every spare minute chasing the creatures that we love.  Endless hours are spent on the bow of a skiff, glassing green fields, or perched in a tree, waiting on our subject to come into view.  From there our path is never the same.  These animals, people, boats, trees take us down a path all their own.  We are merely tagging along and trying to capture one split second of their journey.   We hope that these images and films inspire you to get outside and chase your passions.  We appreciate your stopping by and hope that you enjoy our work.  Please comment or shoot us an email if we can be of service to you.  Cheers.